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Quantum Touch LED

White 440mm Hexagon Garage Light

White 440mm Hexagon Garage Light

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Single 440mm Hexagon LED Garage Light

440 mm hexagon light consist of 6 LED light bars and six angled connectors for complete assembly of hexagon LED light.

Each hexagon light can be added to an existing installation or mounted individually on the wall or overhead.

440 Hex Garage Light

Hexagon LED garage Installation:

Installation requirements are fairly standard. Tools needed will include Phillips screwdriver and our power drill, wire caps and or electrical tape, wire cutters and or electrical pliers.


Brand: Hexagon Garage
Type: Hex LED Light
Color Temperature: 6500K
Wattage: standard
Working Temperature: -25-40
External Testing Certification: CE
Working Lifetime:: 50,000
Voltage:: DC36V/AC220V
Product Name: Hex Garage Light
Material: Aluminum + PC Cover
Input Voltage(V): AC100-240V
Width: 20mm
Lamp Luminous Efficiency: 110-120 (lm/w)
warranty: 2 years

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