Quantum Hex Touch Lights


Modular Hex Touch Lights By Quantum

Quantum hexagonal touch LED lights feature the latest innovation in smart lighting and offer owners the unique opportunity to craft a personal lighting experience.


Our touch sensitive hexagonal touch lights illuminate your space exactly how you want it and provide owners with the unique ability to build a functional piece of art ultimately highlighting a room or lighting it simply by touching the tiles.


The Quantum Hex Touch LED lighting kits are available in a variety of fittings and each LED wall pack comes with it's own power source capable of powering as many as 50 tiles


The Quantum touch hexagonal light line can fill your needs whether you want to use our touch lights as a lamp or to decorate an entire wall with your fabulous design.


Quantum Hex Touch Light modular Hex LED

Quantum Touch Hex LEDs An Adaptive Way To Light Live And Interact


Quantum touch hexagonal wall lights seamlessly blends your environment with functionality and interactivity.