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Quantum Touch LED™

Modular Hexagon Touch Lights | White

Modular Hexagon Touch Lights | White

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Quantum LED Hex Modular Lights Touch Lamp

Hex Modular touch lights add light to any room in a way that's both fun and efficient plus the modular led panel design allows the user to arrange 


  • Name: Quantum Hexagon Light Modular LED Hexagon Light
  • Model: Touch Activated Hex LED White
  • Emitting Color: White 6,000 K
  • Lumens: 80 
  • Width: 3.7/8" Diagonal: 4.5" Depth: .74"
  • Edge-To-Edge Display 
  • Gap 1.75mm



Quantum Modular Hexagon Touch Lamp Overview

Zero Damage Installation
Move your modular lights at any time. To remove just slide your finger or flat tool under the tile to release the 3M glue pad, replace it and you're ready to make a change.


Take Back Your Space
Modular lights offer a minimalist approach to lighting and can de-clutter night stands, coffee tables plus give your room an updated look

Touch For Light Operation
You only need to touch or slide your hand across the installation to turn on/ off a single tile or the entire installation.

Easy Assembly
The honeycomb shape provides up to six sides which can interlock with additional tiles and allow you to create the perfect light fixture for your space.

Easily Adds Light
Place the wall mountable LED tiles at the start of long hallways or midway through for added light during those midnight excursions.

No Wiring Required
Hex lights are touch activated, so there is no need for a light switch. Simply mount the tiles within reach of an outlet and touch or slide your hands across the tiles to turn on/ off.

Installation is easy and quick too so you'll be enjoying your hex wall lights after just a few minutes.

All In One Kit

Every Quantum hex wall LED kit comes with everything you need neatly packaged in a single box and installation is a cinch. 


Hex LED Modular Touch Light Design

Quantum Hex Modular Helio Hex LED Touch Lights


Hex touch tiles are fabricated from lightweight high-grade ABS lampshade material which allows light to pass through evenly and without distortion.

Inductive Sensors
Simply touch or slide your hand or finger up and down or across any tile or section of tiles to trigger the touch sensor.

Look & Operation
Each hex touch light is precision molded delivering a uniform look. Tap the surface to turn on or off a single LED panel or slide their hand across an entire section to increase or reduce the amount of light .

Creative Splicing
Our hexagon lights feature a honeycomb design with interlocking edges plus powerful magnets embedded at each of the six sides.

This allows the user to combine the hex shaped touch lights in any configuration they choose there by creating a one of a kind geometrical design. 


Create Ambient Lighting
If you're looking to add texture or ambient light to a room then our quantum lights are great for that too.

Space Saving Light
No cramming your table tops or shifting things around. Hex wall lights have a minimal footprint and add light in a way which is creative and efficient.

Free-Form Design
Each hex tile is embedded with magnetic connectors at every side, allowing you build out any geometric design you choose.

Quantum touch LED lights have an average life span of 50,000 hours 500 times more than regular bulbs.

Flexible Use
Light hallways, create a functional lighting display or use as a kids night light as well as many other options.

Fresh Perspective To Your Room & Lighting
Quantum modular lights are designed with the modern outlook and unique perspective which makes living in and interacting with your home a synchronous activity.

Lighting The Way You Want It
Our touch sensitive LED tiles will light light your space exactly how you want it, highlighting a room or lighting a space simply by touching.


Hex touch panels are lightweight and can be mounted virtually anywhere by using the included sticky pads or screw mounted using the molded screw cutouts.

Customized Installation
The Quantum Hex touch LED lighting system comes in a variety of fittings and can be customized to operate just three tiles to as many as you desire. 

Express Yourself Through Design
Whether you want to use our touch lighting system as a lamp or decorate entire wall with your fabulous design, our hexagonal lights can fill your needs.

Innovative Hexagonal Design
The Quantum touch hexagonal wall light features life-smart design to seamlessly blend with your environment.

Expandable Design
Because our Hex touch lights are modular, you can expand or modify them at any time.

Starting with any of our packages is just the beginning



Quantum Modular Magnetic Hex LED Touch Light Tiles
1 x 3 Foot Power Cord & Power Brick
Self-Sticking Adhesive Backs 1 Per Tile



Touch Activation
Plugs Into Standard Outlet
Expandable (50 Hex Tiles/ Power brick)
Multiple Mounting Options
Bulb Life 50,000 Hours
100% Customizable
Color Cool White
Mounts To Virtually Any Surface

Hexagon Touch Lights LED Emitting Color 6000K 

Quantum Hex Modular Helio Hex LED Touch Lights


Item Type: Quantum DIY Modular Touch Lights- HEX Touch LED
Switch: Touch
Wattage: 5W
Power Source: AC
Battery Type: NONE
Certification: CCC , Ce, CQC,UL
Body Material: ABS
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Voltage: 90-260V
Usage: DIY Lighting
Batteries Required: No
Model Number: Quantum -HexTll Lamp
Shape: Hexagon


One tile delivers 80 Lumens and is sufficient to the light an area 9 by 12 feet.

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