Collection: Smart Triangle LED Lights

Shop our triangle LED light collection including app controlled and sound activated models.

Create personalized lighting design with completed control of your triangle LED light panels including color, pattern, intensity, duration and more.

​​​​How to decide which RGB triangular LED light is correct for you

We feature two models of triangle LED lights both offer a full edge to edge display with Nano connectors for uninterrupted transmission of lighting design.

Both sets of smart RGB triangle lights are capable of displaying 16 million colors with fully integrated dynamic user interface. 

From the control app you can modify everything ranging from lig​​ht intensity, color, pattern as well as multiple other controls.

Both triangular LED wall lights offer similar mounting capabilities with the potential to be mounted on just about any surface you choose. In addition, our triangle lights are ip6 waterproof and can withstand spills and occasional sprays of water.

There are however differences which could affect the model you choose.

The Quantum Zemi smart triangle LED light offers the ability to interact with Alexa and Google Assistant whereas our smart triangle LED light does not offer this.

The smart triangle lights can however be fully controlled through the app.

Smart Triangle LED Lights