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Quantum Touch LED™

Quantum Colorful RGB LED Touch Light

Quantum Colorful RGB LED Touch Light

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Quantum Colorful LED Touch Light

Add light to a room in a fun and interactive way with RGB color modular hexagon Touch lights.

Quantum hex color LEDs are perfect for creating a gaming atmosphere and more. Use hex touch lights to add ambient lighting to any room, as a colorful wall light or night light and best of all turn them on/ off simply by touching.


Each Hex Modular Touch Light tile is fabricated from lightweight high-grade lampshade ABS  material which allows light to pass through evenly and without distortion.

Each hex light displays brilliant color and can be triggered just by touching


  • Design: Modular Hex Touch Wall Light
  • Model: Hex RGB Fixed Color
  • Ships with: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink
  • Lumens: 80
  • Width: 3.7/8" Diagonal: 4.5" Depth: .74"
  • Edge-To-Edge Display 
  • Gap 1.75mm


No cramming your table tops or shifting things around required

Be adaptive light a room hallway or corridor like never before.

The honeycomb design features embedded magnets at each of the six sides allowing the user to combine the hex shaped RGB color tiles in any configuration they choose creating a geometrical design simply by bringing each hex tile together.

Each Modular Hexagon Touch Light panels are precision molded and smooth to the touch and allows the user to simply tap the surface to turn on or off a single panel or slide their hand across an entire section to increase or reduce the amount of light from the installation.

The hex touch light panels are lightweight and can be mounted virtually anywhere by using the included 3M sticky pads or screw mounted using the molded screw cutouts at the back of the hex touch LED light panel

Quantum RGB Multi Color Hex Touch LED tiles are a creative DIY lighting experience conveniently tucked into a box.

Dress up your lighting instantly with our color modular hexagon hex touch LED wall lights.


Eco Friendly

Our touch LEDs have an average life span of 50,000 hours 5 times more than regular bulbs and can be placed anywhere you have access to an outlet.


Turn them on with just a touch
Our modular touch activated Hexagon lighting tiles are fitted with inductive sensors capable of switching single tiles or an entire installation on/ off with a single touch. 

You simply touch any tile or section of tiles to trigger the touch sensor allowing you to turn on and off individual lights or entire segments of lights as well.

A Fresh Perspective On Lighting
Designed with the modern outlook and unique perspective, Quantum touch LED lights make living and interacting with your home a synchronous activity.

The Perfect Amount Of Light With Just A Touch
Our touch sensitive LED tiles will light light your space exactly how you want it and provide you, the homeowner with the unique ability to build a functional piece of art, highlighting a room or lighting it simply by touching.

Customize Your Installation
The Quantum touch LED lighting system comes in a variety of fittings and can be customized to operate just three tiles to as many as 50 tiles with each power supply. 

Express Yourself
Whether you want to use our touch lighting system as a lamp or decorate entire wall with your fabulous design, the Quantum touch hexagon light line can fill your needs. 

Original & Timeless 
The Quantum touch hexagon wall lights seamlessly blends your environment with functionality and interactivity. 

Room To Grow
Because or system is modular, you can expand or modify it at any time. Starting with any of our packages is just the beginning.


Expand your display with the modular design

Every hex-tile features powerful magnets embedded into the edge which allow the expansion and customization of every installation.


RGB Multi-Color Change LED Modular Hexagon Touch Lighting Tiles, 1 x 3 Foot Power Cord & Power Brick, Self-Sticking Adhesive Backs.

Hex Light Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink 

Quantum colorful led touch quantum light

5pc: Red, green, yellow, blue, pink color 
6pc: Red, green, yellow, blue, pink and white color
10pc: (Red, green, yellow, blue, pink)*2


Touch Activated
Brilliant Color Display
Expandable to 65 Tiles/ 
Power Brick
100% Customizable 
Eco-Friendly 50,000 Hr Bulb Life
Multiple Mounting Options

Item Type: HEX Touch LED Lights (Color)
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink 

Type: Modular Hex Touch Lamp

Power Generation: Touch Activated
Wattage: 0-5W
Power Source: AC
Certification: CCC, CE, CQC, UL
Body Material: ABS Lampshade
Light Source: LED Light Bulbs
Voltage: 90-260V
Usage: DIY Wall Lamp/ Ambient Room Lighting
Model: QHelio-Hex Lamp
Shape: Hexagon


Each modular LED touch light delivers 80 lumens and is sufficient to the light an area 9 by 12 meters.

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