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Quantum Touch LED

Hexagon Garage Lights

Hexagon Garage Lights

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Hex LED Configuration

Upgraded Hexagon Garage LED Light Kit With Border

*Features new single pin connectors with integrated wire connection for easy assembly

Get superior lighting for your garage and or creative workspace  

Hexagon LED garage lights or "hex garage lights" as they have become known are the ultimate in lighting your space 

Each hexagon light is composed of five individual light bars which are covered with mini LED lights resulting in whopping 66,000 lumens per installation.

The assembled size is 15.8 ft x 7.10 ft. and the kits all include a rectangular border which is great for finishing the installation but optional.

The hexagon garage LED light's design allows owners to evenly spread light throughout their garage, showroom and or workspace.

The unique design presents a lighting solution that's not only useful when working on your vehicle but are also beautiful to look at and have become the number one choice for displaying fine cars, planes and have even made their way into many creative work spaces.

Large Hexagon LED Garage Light installation

Garage LED Light Kit

Choose from our many prefab designs including our most popular hex garage light, the GE8088. The kit is perfect for lighting or displaying your car and installation is made easy with the updated single-pin connectors and fasteners.

Upgraded Single Pin Connector

Hexagon LED Garage Light single pin fittings

Our prefab kits come with all the connectors and fasteners required to complete assembly. They also include wired connections for powering up your installation.
Hexagon LED Garage Light Connectors

Each hex garage light is shipped individually packaged and labeled for quick identification and a speedy install.

Hexagon LED Garage Light Auto Spa Installation

Installation time will vary from 4 to 6 hours and in some cases more depending on your level of experience and knowledge.

Connections between pieces are quick and easy as our connectors feature integrated power adapters eliminating the need for any soldering.

If you are located in the US and then our kit will work with any 120V power supply.


Hex Garage Light Installation requirements: 

Electrical pliers, threaded wire caps and or electrical tape, Phillips head screwdriver and or power drill, tape measure.

Please be sure to locate your installation next to a power supply.
*Standard 120V required to power * Perimeter rectangle requires independent line.


Hexagon LED Garage Light Package contents


Brand: Quantum 
Type: Hexagon Garage Light
Color Temperature: 6500K
Lumens: 66,000
External Testing Certification: CE
Beam Angle: Flood
Degree: 180°
Mounting Position: Ceiling / Wall/ cable
Water Protection: Under IP65
Model Number: QHex
Working Lifetime:: 60,000
Application: Residential / Commercial     
Voltage:: AC/ DC 120V - 220V
Product: Hex Garage Light
Material: Aluminum + PC Cover
Input Voltage(V): AC100-240V
Color:: WHITE
Width: 20mm
Lamp Luminous Efficiency: 110-120 (lm/w)
warranty: 2 year

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