Quantum hex lights with smart app control

DIY Touch Lights

Kids DIY Hexagon LED night light

Install a wall mounted LED hexagon light alongside to your child's bed for the perfect touch activated night light. if ever they wake all they need to do is touch the panels and instantly there is light to guide them through the room

Accent wall in your living space

Our touch LED wall mountable lights are perfect for a accenting a room. Whether it be a den family room or otherwise. our touch activated LED wall lights are the perfect solution adding just the right amount of light to the room where you want it.

More DIY Hexagon Light Projects​​

Light a hallway

In every home if there is a hallway that could use a bit more lighting. Our wall-mountable tiles can be easily assembled into any pattern of your choosing and placed along the wall for easily accessible lighting

Enhance your mood

A tower color hex tiles to a room instantly bringing both light and mind-altering color to a room.

Light your reading space

The quantum hex lights are wall mountable  and the perfect solution for adding light to your favorite cook even without an end table what's

Interactive wall art

Install are hex LED wall lights on any wall arranging them in any pattern you choose and with as many as 50 lights per power cord. Guest entering your space can immediately interact if the touch activated LED tiles simply by touching them during their own designs and crafting a unique design

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