Quantum Modular Hex Touch Light

About Hexagon Touch Lights

Hex Lights Details

Hex Touch Lights are a creative solution to lighting a room or hallway while ridding yourself of clutter.


Each hexagon tile is fabricated from high-grade ABS lampshade material allowing light to pass through evenly and without distortion.


The honeycomb shape features embedded magnets at each of the six sides. The modular design allows they use it to freely combine the hexagon tiles thereby creating the geometrical shape of their choosing.


Hex light panels are precision molded, smooth to the touch and allows the user to simply tap the surface to turn on or off a single panel or slide their hand across an entire section to increase or reduce the amount of light..


Hex lights are also lightweight and can be mounted virtually anywhere by using the included 3M sticky pads or screw mounted using the molded screw cutouts on the back panel


The design is highly versatile and can be combine to create an interactive wall of light or broken up into smaller clusters to accent a room in a way that is truly unique.

Quantum Touch LED

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