Quantum Hex LED Touch Lights

Why Buy Hex Touch Lights

Hex touch Light Modular LED Wall Lamp

Top Reasons Consumers Buy Hex Touch Lights

  1. Hex touch lights are interactive, They can function is purposeful lighting or as an interactive lighting display


  1. Hex LED light panels mount to virtually any surface and can be repositioned at any time to evolve with your space


  1. Hex Wall mountable lights do not require a base allowing you to light your space without cluttering tabletops


  1. Hex LED Wall lights feature magnetic connectors allowing you to join additional tiles to all sides


  1. Hex Wall Lights' modular design allows the user to build a custom installation adding more tiles for additional light or removing them for the opposite effect is simple


  1. Hex Wall Lights allow you to personalize your lighting experience like never before


  1. Hex Wall Lights are Eco-friendly, the average bulb lifespan is 50,000 hours


  1. Hex Lights do not require wiring and feature touch inductive switches allowing you to turn the lights on and off just by touching


  1. Hex Wall Lights are removable and can be re-positioned at any time


  1. The Hex Wall Light system is modular and expandable to achieve any configuration
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