Hex Touch Lights Q&A

Quantum Hex Light Touch LED Hexagon Wall Lamp

Hex Light Questions & Answers 

What Are Modular Hex Touch Lights

Quantum Hex Lights or Modular Touch Lights as they have come to be known  are hexagonal shaped LED tiles which feature embedded inductive sensors and powerful magnets on all 6 sides.

How Do Hex Lights Connect

Each hex tile is features embedded magnets along the sides which are drawn to each other and allow you to attach them in any variety of ways.

How Do Hex Lights work​​

Each Modular hex LED lighting tile is fitted with touch inductive sensors which trigger the circuit on and off switch when they are touched either singularly or all at once

Do Hex Wall Mountable Lights Require External Power

Yes, Quantum hex lights do require an external power supply. Each hex LED tile is powered by DC current. The current travels through the touch inductive circuit first from the base tile and then outwards into any attached tiles.

How Many Hex LED Tiles Can I Power With a Single Power Supply

You can power as many as 30 lighting tiles with each 110-240 volt power supply 

Can Hex Lights Be Mounted Other surfaces

Yes each tile comes with an adhesive back which allows you to mount the tile in your chosen pattern she just about any surface including: tile, stone, metal etc.