Quantum Zemi

Triangle LED Light Panels

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Quantum Zemi-Smart Triangle LED Lights

Want to add ambient light to set the mood or just jazz up the atmosphere for a killer party. Quantum Zemi smart triangle lights are more than just LED light Panels

Quantum Zemi Triangle LED Light Panels Offer 16 Million Color variations with the ability to tweak just about every aspect. Each triangle light panel can be dynamically controlled via your smartphone Google Assistant and Alexa devices.


Nanotechnology ensures a secure connection and uninterrupted pattern flow. The triangular smart panels also feature secure interlocking system for building a dazzling light display which can be tailored for any occasion.




Smart Enabled

Control via your smartphone or with Alexa, Google home or sent to respond to sound.

Infinite Display Options 

The system also comes with multiple pre-loaded settings including the wave display color change display and many more.

 Zero Damage Installation

Installation is a cinch too. Simply attach one Nano connected to each LED smart light panel and attach them in any assorted design of your choosing.

Remote Operation 

The system is also Wi-Fi enabled, and allowing you to remotely change the color, display and mode to anything you choose right from your smartphone


Triangle LED Light 


Everything you need is Included
Each tile bundle comes with a smart controller, the brains of the system, a power cord and assorted number of lighting tiles and Nano connectors to match.


Triangle LED Light




● Glitter, multi color scheme

● Full color rhythm display

● DIY Custom color stitching

● Modular design for infinite patterns 

● Edge-to-edge borderless display 

● Interactive gameplay

●16 million color display

● Full spectrum App control

● Easy installation

● Rhythm/ sound activation

● Low power consumption


Smart Triangle LED Light Kit

Quantum Zemi Smart Triangle Light Panels, Connectors, Integrated Microphone, 1 x Controller, 1 x Power Adapter



● Material: PVC Lamp Shade

● Brightness: 100 lm

● Color temperature: 1200k - 6500K

● Power: maximum power block 2W

● Maximum power ( power adapter ): 60W

● Dimmable: Yes ( Via APP or Voice )

Dimensions & Weight

Product weight: 3.5 kg 

Package weight: 4 kg 

Package size: 31.50 x 26.50 x 8.00 cm / 12.4 x 10.43 x 3.15 inches