Quantum Lights Modular Hex LED Videos

Browser product videos including customer submitted videos of our many products including Quantum Hex light Modular Wall LEDs, our LUHI programmable Nano leaf wall tiles and more.

 Quantum Lights Touch Hex Lights White

Quantum touch modular hex LED 

Features a honeycomb design for easy assembly in in the multiple directions. Each hexagonal tile interlocks and is fitted with powerful magnets at each of the six sides allowing for freeform modular design. Each tile features an average lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours and is touch-activated, allowing the user to swipe for light, instantly brightening or lowering the intensity level of the fixture


Quantum RGB Color Hexagon Lights

 Quantum RGB color modular hex LED. 

Similar design to Quantum White hex LED light but offering a touch of color. Our RGB color hex LED lights feature several colors including red blue yellow pink and yellow. Each light is touch activated and offers a modular design for free form design.


Quantum LUHI RGB Nano Leaf Light  Rhythm Tiles

 Quantum LUHI programmable hexagon tile. Offering more than 16 million colors our programmable hexagon light is perfect for use as ambient light underneath condition. Offers full integration with Google Assistant and Alexa apps


Hexagon Light Touch Plus Wireless 


Quantum Zemi Triangle LED Light